Nimian Legends

Nimian Legends

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Submitted on: 21 Jan 14

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Nimian Legends offers bite-sized HTML5 RPG adventure and interactive map set in the world of Nimian Flyer.


  1. Eric

    OMG Robert has outdone himself. I didn’t know this was even possible on a browser game.
    Go Robert!

  2. Robert Kabwe

    Thanks Eric! HTML5 is almost as powerful as Flash now, and much more versatile and open:)

  3. anon’ve truly done it this time Robert!I didn’t even know something like this could run on an android 2.3.1 Version.kudos to you and may your ideas reach out to an unimaginable world

  4. Robert Kabwe

    Thanks Anon;) I’m glad to hear it runs on Android. That’s the beauty of HTML – it’s so open that it will work almost anywhere, and I love that it’s so accessible to people.

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