Opel carte de voeux 2014

Opel carte de voeux 2014

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Submitted on: 23 Jan 14

Category: Company

Website Address: http://www.opel2014.fr/

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Creation of a mini-site for Opel brand, on the occasion of Christmas and new Year holidays, to send his greeting wishes 2014 to his friends and close relations.
It is the new Adam Cup car who allows to draw the message in the snow, by following the drawing or the message left by the user.
The typography was hand-drawn to leave a drawn aspect (capital letters or lower case).
Use of Canvas, mathematics and lots of trigonometry to reproduce the driving of a real car in the letters’ plan (crenels, skids, bend, etc.).
Website is full responsive for every device (smartphone, browser, tablets)

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  1. Robert Kabwe


    I love choosing the car color and how the new paint slides in. Fully responsive is NOT easy to achieve, and i believe you when you say there is a LOT of math behind it. You make the simple look easy:) Great work.

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