Oak Island Dig Game

Oak Island Dig Game

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Submitted on: 07 Nov 15

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Website Address: http://www.history.com/shows/the-curse-of-oak-island/pages/oak-island-dig

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We invite you to dig deeper, faster and longer than you ever have before. Neo-Pangea, in conjunction with “HISTORY”, has handcrafted an experience that combines the real history of Oak Island and the classic feel of 8-bit video games. “Oak Island Dig” is a gateway into the past and a blast to play too!

Steeped in 8-bit charm and informed by more than two centuries of perplexing lore, the Oak Island Dig game provides the thrill of treasure seeking without any risk to life and limb. Now, you can dig down into the treacherous depths of Oak Island in search of retro gaming fortune and glory from your favorite desktop browser or mobile device. The origin of the quest came at the end of the Golden Age of piracy; in 1795, a lengthy and deadly treasure hunt began on Oak Island, a small parcel of land off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Despite many years of determined excavation, the search has yielded very little of significant value, although it has claimed six lives and cost millions of dollars. HISTORY’s The Curse of Oak Island follows the adventures of intrepid fortune-seekers as they continue the hunt using the most sophisticated tools the island has ever seen.

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  1. Chris

    How old is this game as I found a game called Oak Island Mystery on Google Play is it the same game as I can’t find this game anywhere and the link just brings me to the History channel website. Thanks

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